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Massage Therapy

I use massage more as an accessory as opposed to the main treatment. It's a great way to de-sensitize & down regulate the nervous system. Although massage cannot break scar tissue, melt fascia, increase circulation, etc., it can encourage sensorial receptors to decrease motor tone. So my massages are pretty slow to allow more receptor stimulus and feedback. If your back or shoulders are "tight", the brain may be sensing some instability at a joint and therefore is increasing tone in those muscles. Once the client is relaxed, it is the perfect opportunity to introduce new movement options that they may be lacking. That is why I recommend Posture Therapy to re-establish those connections. Once balance and tension is restored, pain goes away. So our goal is not to fancy you with these terms, but instead, provide a massage that suits the threshold and needs of the client. 


1 Hour


1.5 Hours




2 Hours


Reap the ultimate benefits of both massage and posture therapy in one session. 


Please fill out your digital intake form here upon booking

Hot Towel/CBD Compress


Try our hot towel/CBD compress! A smooth CBD salve is applied along with a hot towel to create pain soothing relief. Just choose this option when booking any of our other treatments!