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Have you ever wondered why one shoulder is lower than the other or why one hip is higher than the other side? Or why you have too much arch in your back or why your knees are bowed? These and other asymmetries in the body are very common and treatable conditions with PRI techniques.

When such findings are present, they are often signs of underlying imbalance in the body. Along with the more obvious visual findings, there are more subtle findings such as limited range of motion/inflexibility, muscle weakness, muscle tension, and poor breathing.

Why do our bodies become so distorted? The causes are many but the body is not inherently symmetrical to begin with. We are born with asymmetry of the internal organs in all of us with and this predisposes us to many of the things described above. In addition, we never use our bodies equally on each side. Everyone is dominant on one side or the other and this is exaggerated by the jobs we do and the sports we play. Furthermore, injuries and accidents can cause compensations that result in asymmetries in our bodies.

Such conditions can ultimately cause pain and disability. When the body is out of alignment, some muscles become weak and, as a result, other muscles are overworked, tense and painful. Some joints are under more stress than they should be due to the uneven distribution of load within the body. As a result the joint may wear out prematurely. This explains why a joint on one side of the body wears out before the other.

Ray's training in PRI Evaluation and Treatment techniques are a holistic, posture-based approach that considers the influence of the muscles, bones, breathing and alignment on health and wellness. The emphasis of PR is on correcting faulty posture which is often the cause of complaints of pain and dysfunction.

At Dynamism, our goal is to address any myoskeletal imbalances that are causing you pain and/or discomfort. In order for us to do this, our bodywork must be thorough. We constantly assess and re-assess during the treatment so there is no need to undress. Dynamism is here to innovate! We ask that you are comfortably clothed. For women, think shorts and a sports bra. For men, shorts will be fine. We encourage our clients to bring their own music!!! 


When you exhale into a balloon completely, you activate all of the abdominal muscles. By putting the body in certain positions and asking the client to breathe, forces muscles to either relax or engage. Forced exhalation and pausing after each exhale prompts the parasympathetic nervous system to turn on, which relaxes the whole body.

But I Don't Have Pain

Not having pain doesn't mean your body is 100%! Don't wait for an injury to happen. Our daily habits surely have a great influence on our bodies. If we take time to address muscular tension, we can avoid major problems in the future!

Dynamism does not offer "routines". All sessions are individually customized to fit client's needs. It is our job to treat the cause, not the symptoms and create space and balance within your body.

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